Floating Feet

Floating Feet VIDEO

A drumset book for learning and teaching (48 p.).Each edition in English,German and French

by Hermann Mutschler and Markus Faller.

There are thousands of books for drummers that contain heaps of exercises.They tell you what you can play and practice.Floating feet, however, tries to explain to the drummer, no matter if beginner, amateur or professional, how to learn all these exercises and rhythms.As implied in the name, this new publication mainly attends to (focuses on) footwork and pedal techniques, because they form the basis working the drumset.“Groove comes from the legs!“Rick Latham, author of the renowned book Advanced Funk Studies, comments: “I recommend this book to all serious drummers.” This book is to be recommended to everybody who is serious about drumming, young champs as well as old hands.

On top you can see a video about the floating feet method as a study aid, which goes along with the book.

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